South East Nigeria

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Prof. Emeka Aniagolu

My name is Prof. Emeka Aniagolu. I wish to join in welcoming everyone who has joined this platform, and to extend an open invitation to like-minded others, to join. I trust everyone has familiarized themselves with the rules and regulations of participation on this platform. If you have not, it is advised that you do so.

We want this platform to be a serious-minded, focused and intelligent forum for examining and discussing pertinent issues that bear upon the problems and prospects associated with the successful emergence of an Igbo President of Nigeria in 2023.

It is not a platform for self-adverisement, aggrandizement, personal business or occupational marketing. If you find that you cannot discipline yourself to the main purposes and objectives of this platform; you should voluntarily leave for some other platform more suited to your preoccupations.

Having said that, l would like to raise a series of issues for discussion, by tabling the first of those issues, namely, the notion of: "lgbo ewe Eze." Is this literally or figuratively true? Is having or not having a king, the same thing as having or not having a leader? Under what conditions or circumstances will Igbos accept someone as a leader and, therefore, throw their collective weight behind such a person?