South East Nigeria

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Chief Augustine Alumonah

I am overjoyed to witness this occasion of the unveiling of Southeast Global Movement website and logo. This is the Movement's image and eye to the world. It is also the digital bridge and critical path linking the Movement and the rest of the world.

The road to dateline 2023 is by this enterprise seriously smoothened, reduced and made less tedious for our teeming admirers. This platform will bring Southeast Global Movement to various homes and work places, delivering the message for the redemption of our dear country, Nigeria, and at the same time obtaining the needed responses/feedback from Nigerians on the best ways forward.

I thank the young enterprising hands that ensured the success of this endeavour. Your labours will not be in vain. Nigeria shall be free and great again, via this divine project.

God bless Southeast Global Movement.God bless Nigeria.