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about us

The Group originated from a quest for the Nigerian masses to have a change in leadership, given that for a period of over sixty years, Igbos have been marginalized in Nigeria; and all other major ethnic groups and geopolitical zones in Nigeria have ascended the apex leadership position in this country, except the Igbos. The current crisis of leadership, level of unemployment, poverty and disillusionment in the country, after all these years, are clear evidence of the urgent need for a realignment in national leadership and vision for our beloved country.

The organizers of the Group, see it as a call to duty for an Igbo man or woman to put his or her God-given talent and knowledge a based expertise towards the service of bringing back Nigeria from the brink of economic collapse: a rapidly dwindling economy, poverty, ethnic and religious bigotry; to once again become a great nation, occupying the enviable position in Africa and around the world, as the Giant of Africa in reality not as a mirage! Join us as we embark on the journey of making our country great again! We crave the indulgence of all stakeholders in the geographical entity called Nigeria, to support the South East in producing the next President in the 2023 general election. We passionately appeal to all stakeholders, opinion makers, human rights advocacy groups, ethnic nationalities, and particularly, registered political parties to rally mass support for an Igbo man or woman to become the next President of Nigeria.

Igbo Presidency 2023

End to Igbo Marginalization

Equity, fairness and Justice for all

End to secession, Foster Unity


In due time, we shall unveil plans to collaborate with all political interest groups, Ohaneze Ndigbo, Ezes, Emirs, Obas, Chiefs and other opinion makers and moldersin achieving the objective. To that end, we need to ensure that South Easterners work in concert and harmony. The task before the political leadership of the Southeast Zone is unwavering commitment to the realization of the Igbo Presidency in 2023, as it will not be given on a platter of gold. The clarion call of Ohaneze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide which said that it is easier to achieve Igbo Presidency than Biafra Independence must not only beheeded but all hands must be on deck to actualize same, as it should not be treated with levity.

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